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If you’re getting into the holiday spirit and want to decorate your home for Christmas, there are a few must-have décor pieces that will help transform your living space into a jollier abode. Many of these items are inexpensive and can be set up without much difficulty. Here are five of the best décor pieces to use.

Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees are often a safer and more convenient alternative to real trees. These types of trees don’t leave large messes and don’t require any watering. Many positive Balsam Hill reviews along with reviews of other manufacturers of artificial trees have stated that these trees are easy to set up and can be used for many years.

Multicolored Lights

Strings of multicolored lights can be installed around your windows, on your Christmas tree, and around other areas of your home to create a holiday wonderland of bright colors. These lights can even be strewn along walkways and outdoor railings so that everyone passing by your home will stop and take notice.


Ornaments aren’t just good for decorating Christmas trees. You can place ornaments around many areas of your home, but you shouldn’t go overboard with this or your home might end up looking more cluttered than festive. Ornaments in the shapes of candy canes, snowflakes, and Christmas presents are just a few of the options you can try.


In addition to stuffing these items with presents, stockings make great decorations and are easy to hang above fireplaces, over doorways, and from doorknobs and handles. You can find stockings that come in a variety of sizes and colors as well as stockings that are made out of different materials.

Holiday Train

You can choose to put in a model holiday train that runs on tracks or just have a stationary train decoration. You may even be able to find trains that feature Santa Claus, his elves, and his reindeer as passengers. Trains that light up and play music are always a hit.

Incorporating these items into your holiday décor theme is one of the best ways to keep the holiday cheer going throughout the entire season. Setting up these items doesn’t require any in-depth knowledge of interior design and can be done with minimal hassle.

Many of the false-faced items in homes today have laminate surfaces that look, feel, and last just as long as genuine aesthetic-enhancing materials. By far, the majority of new customized counter tops are covered with an exceptionally durable laminate preferred by homeowners for variety, and contractors for easy installation. This material is made from a specialized polymer made of phenolic sheets.

Using paper, fiber, stone particles, and other materials, a synthetic compound is formed. This is what consumers see gigantic rolls of in flooring and interior design stores. These sheets are able to be fitted tightly around complex counter top angles, yet can be shaved easily to fit around fixtures and vents.

Lower Costs

Phenolic laminates are mass-produced and are much cheaper than natural materials. The synthetics in them however, provide long life and other benefits like cleanability and ding/dent resistance. They are a common sense choice for making apartment units and starter homes look as though they belong to a much more sophisticated category of living areas.

Laminate Choices Are Endless

Phenol-based surfaces are made in as many designs and finishes as a homeowner’s imagination will allow. Combined with an attractive price tag for large amounts, laminates are a dream-come-true for contractors and interior designers to work with.

Phenolic laminate surfaces are a smart step in planning a home design. It is one material built for long life, and is easy to work with when installing and changing.

T-shirts are some of the most fashionable items of clothing, but they can be expensive depending on where you buy them. Fortunately, you can create your own with silk screening technology. All you need is a comfortable t-shirt, a great idea, and a printer.

Once you know what you want to design, you can follow simple steps to transfer the image to your t-shirt. Some people do this simply for fun, while others are starting t-shirt design businesses off of their ideas. The sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless when it comes to t-shirt creation. You will no longer feel like you cannot afford the latest fashions or like you cannot find anything to wear. Instead, you can create pieces of clothing that are unique to your style and personality.

This is a wonderful way to express yourself without being overly vocal, and it is often fun too. Explore the possibilities out there and use your imagination to create designs that are original. Soon, people might stop you on the street wondering where you found your shirt. You will be able to tell them you made it. This will give you personal satisfaction and a feeling of self worth.

If you have never silk-screened a t-shirt before, check out the infographic below for more information on the process. These simple steps can help anyone create a t-shirt that they love without spending a fortune.

Screen Printing Instructions Infographic

Infographic courtesy of

eslide logo

Making a presentation before a board, group of people or a specific individual can seem quite basic. After all, people have been making presentations since they were in elementary school. However, making presentations that matter can be greatly enhanced when getting assistance from a professional company or individual.

Some presentations that use PowerPoint are very boring. The presenter may sound interesting and have beneficial information to share. At the same time, people may become distracted or uninterested because of what they see on a screen. The visuals may be quite dull. Not only that, but also the graphics and overall look may be stuck in the 1990’s. A presenter may understand that there is a problem but is unable to know how to address it. Fortunately, people can contact a company that specializes in this type of work, such as Graphics can be enhanced to give viewers a modern look at facts and available information. A presenter will feel more confidence since the information is being shown in a wonderful way.

The bottom line is that presentations that use PowerPoint matter greatly. Companies and individuals are available to provide valuable assistance that will please audiences and make a presentation more enjoyable to everyone. Prices for such services may be less expensive that what many assume. Even if the presentation looks fantastic, a professional can give helpful hints to sharpen it even more. The result is that the presentation has the impact that is desired.

bright smile dentalWhen was the last time you had your teeth cleaned? If it has been more than six months, it is past time to make an appointment with Bright Smile Dental. Getting your teeth cleaned is more than just for looks. It is during the cleaning appointment that the dentist takes x-rays, and takes a look in your mouth, to determine if you have any cavities that need filling. You can also talk about Dublin Teeth Whitening if you want your smile to be extra bright.

If you are like me and are a chicken when it comes to going to the dentist, then you will be glad to know that Dr.’s Cheung of Bright Smile Powell Dentistry is trained and licensed to be able to provide general anesthesia, so that their patients will be completely asleep during procedures.

The doctors can administer several different types of anesthesia, depending on your needs and your level of fear and or discomfort. The dental anesthesiologists can offer you oral, intravenous, or general anesthesia either by IV or inhaled as gas. Using general anesthesia will assure that you will be completely asleep, will feel no pain, and will not remember the procedure once you wake up. That is the kind of dental appointment that I like to have, and that is what you will find at Bright Smile Dental.

Bright Smile Dental offers many dental services, cleaning, fillings, crowns, dentures, and bridges. As a family dental practice, they offer dental services to people of all ages. It is suggested that a child’s first visit to a dentist take place at the age of 3. Here is what you can expect during the child’s first visit:

  • A warm, welcoming environment supported by a friendly staff
  • The individualized treatment a child requires based on their physical and emotional developmental needs
  • A state of the art X-ray machine equipped to make the experience easier for children
  • Special tools to fit smaller mouths
  • Clear education and support on preventative care to guide you through your child’s dental development

Bright Smile Dental offers family dentistry, Dublin Teeth Whitening, emergency dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery. They have hours six days a week, Monday thru Saturday. They accept most major credit cards and Paypal payments. Call today to make your appointment:  614-706-1836.

Adding a great wallcovering to a room is a quick and easy way to give the room a fresh, new look. There are thousands of colors, textures and patterns to choose from, so you’ll want to narrow down your options. Here are some design tips to help you make the right choice.

Large Patterns – Unless you have a large room with high ceilings, a large pattern should be used on an accent wall instead of all four walls. Although large florals, stripes and plaids can make a stunning statement, they can be overwhelming in a small room. When used on an accent wall, the pattern will create a focal point for the entire room.

Heavy Textures – Wallcoverings come in a variety of beautiful textures that mimic wood, stone, brick, tile, metal and mirror. Heavy textures, like large patterns, create a lot of movement and energy in a room. Although they create visual interest, too much in one room will create nervous energy rather than stimulating design interest.

Small Patterns – Small patterns are easy to use in any size room. In a small room, covering all four walls will create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. If the pattern has bold colors, strong shapes or a reflective background, try using it on the ceiling for dramatic appeal. Repeat the pattern in upholstery, throw pillows or accents for added interest.

Solid Colors – In modern spaces where you don’t want much pattern, go for a solid color when painting and wallcovering. Soft, subtle colors like cream, taupe and gray will add a touch of elegance and sophistication. For drama and strong color, choose bold, bright colors like yellow, lime, orange, red and purple to create focal points and visual impact.


Whether you solder in your business or you are a hobbyist, the need for proper soldering irons is critical. If you use one that does not have enough power for the particular job at hand, you can end up with a cold solder joint. On the other hand, if the iron has too much wattage, you can easily damage the connection you are attempting to solder. The solution is having the right tool for the right job. You may only need one iron, but having the right one is critical. It may also be a situation where you need more than one iron for the work you are doing.

Another issue is having the right soldering tips for the job you are doing. Sometimes you will need a flat tip, and at other times a pointed tip. It is dependent upon the job you are doing. Other accessories are equally important. The need for holders for the irons is mandatory. This, along with things such as solder wick and various types of solder are all a part of doing a quality job.

The problem is trying to obtain a wide variety of irons and supplies necessary for the work at hand. The biggest problem is with the irons. Often a local electronics supply house will have one or two to choose from, but this is no choice at all. Your best option is to buy online from a company that has a wide range of makes and models. One example of this type of company can be found with Stellar Technical.

When looking at home alarm monitoring, it is important to note that all systems are different, working in slightly different ways. Of course, the main goal of any alarm system is the same: As long as it is armed, it detects when someone breaks into the home, alerts the alarm monitoring company, and prompts that company to call the authorities. The police then respond to the call, hoping to get to your house before the intruders have left, thereby protecting your home even when you are not there to watch over it on your own. The ways that the systems detect intruders, though, is how they differ.

The first piece of equipment that almost all systems will have is a sensor on the front door. Similar sensors will be located on the back door and any additional entrances. One piece goes on the frame and the other piece goes on the door itself. If the door swings open for any reason – even if you simply use the key to open it – that sets off the alarm when the pieces move apart from each other. There is usually a slight delay for you to type in the code if it really is you, and then the alarm is triggered.

Similar sensors are often used on windows. If the windows are forced open, or if they are accidentally left unlocked and they are just slid up or out to open them, the sensors will go off. There might be a delay on these, as well, but there often is not. The idea here is that you have to come in through the door to get into your house, which is where the alarm box is, but you are never going to come in through the window. Even if you did, you’d never get to the keypad in time. The system assumes that anyone coming in that way is an intruder.

However, the problem here is that the windows could be broken, meaning that people could get in without moving the sensor. This is where some systems differ, using motion sensors inside the rooms – you just mount them on the wall, with a full view of the room – to detect people walking around in the house. It doesn’t matter how they got in; it just detects them no matter where they are. These work like the sensors for a motion-activated light.

March Madness vs. NBA Finals Infographic

This post brought to you by American Kennel Club. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you are thinking of buying or adopting a purebred fur baby, the American Kennel Club can help you with lots of information. From picking breeds to picking a breeder, the AKC can help you make decisions before you take your puppy home to stay.

The American Kennel Club  is 130 years old this year. They are committed to advancing the understanding, benefits and care of all dogs, as well as promoting responsible dog ownership.

The first step in choosing a dog to become a part of your family is to decide what you are looking for in a dog. Do you want an even tempered dog that will play with your children? Or do you need a dog that is bred to protect you? These can be some very different dogs, and if you don’t take the time to get the right dog, then you may regret it. Chooing the right dog reduces the chances that your pet will be one that you want surrender to a shelter. Be a responsible pet owner and pick the right pet.

Working with responsible breeders is a very good way for you to find your perfect pet – they are passionate about their breed, experts on the lineage and health of their puppies. They can be a resource for information about your pet for life.

While I do not have a dog now, nor do I want to get one in the future, my daughter is a dog lover, and has fostered many puppies from the shelter in her area. She adopted her own puppy from the same shelter, and has learned a lot about dog ownership, different breeds, and gotten information on what to ask before adopting a pet from the American Kennel Club.

Here are the most important questions to ask when adopting a puppy from an AKC Rescue Network, from the American Kennel Club website:

  • Why is this dog in a shelter? Was he surrendered by the previous owner, is it a stray, or a rescue? Why did the owner surrender him? If he was a stray, where was he found and in what condition? Is the dog from the local area? Is the dog here because of an animal cruelty charge against its previous owner?
  • What was the health condition of the dog when he was brought to the shelter?
  • Has this dog been adopted out before? How long has the dog been in the shelter?
  • What veterinary care has the dog received since arriving at the shelter and can you provide copies of the records?
  • Is the dog housebroken?
  • Does the dog get along well with kids or other pets and how does he act around strangers?
  • Does the dog have suitable good manners that I could take away his food bowl while eating or remove his toy while playing? What training and socialization has the dog received since entering the shelter?
  • Can he walk calmly on a leash in public or does he need more training? Click HERE to find a training club in your area.
  • Does this dog require any special medical care, ongoing treatment, dietary restrictions, or additional socialization?
  • Will the shelter take this dog back if it doesn’t work out with my family?

Asking questions, knowing the breed and the breeder, and knowing the history of a puppy you are considering adopting from a shelter will help you choose the right pet, and be sure you can keep it in your home forever. breeds



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