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It’s said that people sleep a third of their lives, which equals out to an average of 28 years in bed. Given that sleep from the previous night provides the energy for the day and we spend so much time sleeping, it’s evident that quality sheets and coverings are extremely important as they contribute to a good night’s sleep and an average of 57 years of potential energy in one’s lifetime. Patchwork Quilts offer superb comfort in quality, yet serve as beautiful coverings to improve the look of any room.


Quilts and quilting have a rich history. Various cultures tell family stories with their quilts, others showcase important symbols and patterns of various cultures and there are quilts from around the world that feature other significant meanings. Wherever the quilt comes from, each has a story. Quilts have important meaning and are functionally wonderful sources of warmth and comfort throughout the year, depending upon the type of quilt desired. Their rich look is decorative and features intricate patterns and colors, yet offers simple elegance. Quilts have remained an important part of history and Americana that remain beautiful pieces of artwork that serve to comfort, provide warmth and create the feeling of home no matter where they are. Some quilts have sentimental value, others are only as valuable as the fabric used to make them. At any rate, whether you make your own, or buy from a store or artisan, your quilt will soon be a part of your own history.

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