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  1. QMat-MainNewPic

As oil production increases and workers flock to the Bakken formation, the housing situation in the once sparsely populated area has exploded. Quality Mat rig matting is providing the foundation beneath the housing trailers at the drill sites. This cost-effective, reusable matting option is primarily used beneath drilling rigs for maximum durability and stability, but it has a variety of uses and providing steady ground beneath the Bakken workers’ houses is just the last application in nearly 40 years of Quality Mat’s history.

Without the detrimental environmental impact of building gravel roads or leveling land for industrial uses, rig matting allows heavy machinery, people, and housing units to keep off of the prairie. Protecting the fragile land beneath is only one benefit of rig matting.  Because it’s a temporary solution, it can also be used again at other locations, saving money and the environment in various areas of the country.  Quality Mat boasts that drilling mat can be used for 10 years, but that some have remained in working condition for up to 20 years.

Quality Mat rig matting is an essential part of the housing efforts at the Bakken oil field, and as the worker population continues to swell, it is likely that the rig mats will continue to prove useful—both to the drilling rig platforms and the workers’ housing trailers.

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