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When I lived in my first house I decided I wanted to design the yard. Yes, that is correct. I decided to do that because there were no trees in that yard at all. I didn’t even have any grass there when I moved in.

The first thing I did, of course, was to plant grass seed and cover it with straw, so that the seed wouldn’t run off with the first rainstorm. Once the grass seed was sowed, I sat down and looked at the rest of the yard. I knew I wanted some trees and flowers, it was just a matter of where to out what.

In the front yard, I made two flower beds. I put annuals and bulbs in one, so that I could have some things that came up as soon as spring weather arrived, and then I could change the colors of the flowers from year to year if I wanted to. In the other flower bed, I planted perennials. The different flowers planted in that bed would bloom at different times of the year for a continuous bloom, and I wouldn’t have to replant year after year.

Finally, I decided on the kinds and number of trees to plant. I had two poplar trees and a maple tree planted in the front yard, and several pear and cherry trees planted in the back yard along the fence line. Way in the back, to give a little privacy between our yard and the neighbors, I planted some Leyland Cypress trees. Those grow pretty fast and are evergreen so that your “wall” is there year round.

These things all worked for me, but if you live in other parts of the country, like in California, you might talk to a  Los Angeles landscape designer to get ideas for what to plant in your yard.

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