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Adding a great wallcovering to a room is a quick and easy way to give the room a fresh, new look. There are thousands of colors, textures and patterns to choose from, so you’ll want to narrow down your options. Here are some design tips to help you make the right choice.

Large Patterns – Unless you have a large room with high ceilings, a large pattern should be used on an accent wall instead of all four walls. Although large florals, stripes and plaids can make a stunning statement, they can be overwhelming in a small room. When used on an accent wall, the pattern will create a focal point for the entire room.

Heavy Textures – Wallcoverings come in a variety of beautiful textures that mimic wood, stone, brick, tile, metal and mirror. Heavy textures, like large patterns, create a lot of movement and energy in a room. Although they create visual interest, too much in one room will create nervous energy rather than stimulating design interest.

Small Patterns – Small patterns are easy to use in any size room. In a small room, covering all four walls will create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. If the pattern has bold colors, strong shapes or a reflective background, try using it on the ceiling for dramatic appeal. Repeat the pattern in upholstery, throw pillows or accents for added interest.

Solid Colors – In modern spaces where you don’t want much pattern, go for a solid color when painting and wallcovering. Soft, subtle colors like cream, taupe and gray will add a touch of elegance and sophistication. For drama and strong color, choose bold, bright colors like yellow, lime, orange, red and purple to create focal points and visual impact.

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