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Many of the false-faced items in homes today have laminate surfaces that look, feel, and last just as long as genuine aesthetic-enhancing materials. By far, the majority of new customized counter tops are covered with an exceptionally durable laminate preferred by homeowners for variety, and contractors for easy installation. This material is made from a specialized polymer made of phenolic sheets.

Using paper, fiber, stone particles, and other materials, a synthetic compound is formed. This is what consumers see gigantic rolls of in flooring and interior design stores. These sheets are able to be fitted tightly around complex counter top angles, yet can be shaved easily to fit around fixtures and vents.

Lower Costs

Phenolic laminates are mass-produced and are much cheaper than natural materials. The synthetics in them however, provide long life and other benefits like cleanability and ding/dent resistance. They are a common sense choice for making apartment units and starter homes look as though they belong to a much more sophisticated category of living areas.

Laminate Choices Are Endless

Phenol-based surfaces are made in as many designs and finishes as a homeowner’s imagination will allow. Combined with an attractive price tag for large amounts, laminates are a dream-come-true for contractors and interior designers to work with.

Phenolic laminate surfaces are a smart step in planning a home design. It is one material built for long life, and is easy to work with when installing and changing.

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