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Some rural neighborhoods, especially those in which people primarily use a house as weekend or vacation property, are characterized by numerous manufactured homes. Those mobile homes provide an affordable way for property owners to get away from the city and enjoy their own little haven. Often, an individual or a couple retires or figures out another way to move to this property and make it the primary residence. Having room addition contractors construct extra living space attached to the mobile home is a common decision for these property owners.

Adding a big living room to the manufactured home greatly improves the sense of spaciousness in the building. The original living room might be turned into a dining area or a family room. Typically, this type of addition is constructed on the front of the home. The original front door becomes an entryway between the addition and the mobile home part of the structure. The new area might include big windows providing a lovely view. The homeowner may want to add a gas fireplace or a wood stove.

Another possibility involves adding another bedroom and bathroom. If the mobile home only included one bathroom, a second bathroom becomes a convenient feature for people who will now live in the house full time. Remodeling contractors often recommend making that second bathroom a full bath if the budget allows, since two full bathrooms are very attractive to people shopping for real estate. It’s always smart to think about ways to increase the value of the house and its potential for a quick sale sometime in the future.

To keep costs as low as possible, the homeowner will want to have the new bathroom opposite the existing one so the rooms can share plumbing. This generally isn’t a problem with mobile homes, since the structures have a ranch style floor plan. When there is one bathroom, it usually is situated toward one end of the structure. The remodeling contractor can add another bathroom there along with a bedroom.

The property owner may even want to have both of these additions constructed to make the mobile home feel substantially more like a frame-built house. These types of improvements go a long way toward increasing satisfaction with a place that once functioned only as a weekend or vacation retreat.

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