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Category Archives: Info & News

Many people decorate for major holidays, such as Christmas, but may not decorate for minor holidays that occur throughout the year. Celebrating holidays throughout the year can be a great way to bring family and friends together to create special memories. You may want to consider starting traditions that are centered on minor holidays. Christmas can be an incredibly busy time, and celebrating other holidays can provide a chance to visit in a relaxed setting.

Decide on New Traditions

Many holidays throughout the year can be ideal times to gather with friends and family. For example, you may want to host a picnic or barbeque to celebrate Memorial Day. This holiday is a fun time to bring people together because it occurs at the start of the summer season. Children will be eager to finish the school year, and friends will love the chance to enjoy their favorite summer foods. You can easily host a potluck by having guests bring potato salad, baked beans and other dishes. Grilling hamburgers and hot dogs can also be a fun option for a summer party.
If you aren’t able to celebrate Memorial Day, then you may consider hosting a party at the end of summer. Celebrating Labor Day can be a fun way to end the summer. You may want to discuss options with family and friends to see what traditions they would like to start.

Decorate to Add Excitement

Themed decorations can be a great way to celebrate a holiday. Since many of the holidays in the summer are patriotic, then you can easily leave the decorations in place throughout the summer. Historical flags can be a great option for decorations, and then you can also use them to show patriotism throughout the year on other occasions.

Families often become spread out over time, and having smaller celebrations throughout the year can help you keep in touch with loved ones. Take advantage of each holiday that gives you a chance to create memories. Since children are out of school, summer can be a great time to bring family members and friends together.

Some rural neighborhoods, especially those in which people primarily use a house as weekend or vacation property, are characterized by numerous manufactured homes. Those mobile homes provide an affordable way for property owners to get away from the city and enjoy their own little haven. Often, an individual or a couple retires or figures out another way to move to this property and make it the primary residence. Having room addition contractors construct extra living space attached to the mobile home is a common decision for these property owners.

Adding a big living room to the manufactured home greatly improves the sense of spaciousness in the building. The original living room might be turned into a dining area or a family room. Typically, this type of addition is constructed on the front of the home. The original front door becomes an entryway between the addition and the mobile home part of the structure. The new area might include big windows providing a lovely view. The homeowner may want to add a gas fireplace or a wood stove.

Another possibility involves adding another bedroom and bathroom. If the mobile home only included one bathroom, a second bathroom becomes a convenient feature for people who will now live in the house full time. Remodeling contractors often recommend making that second bathroom a full bath if the budget allows, since two full bathrooms are very attractive to people shopping for real estate. It’s always smart to think about ways to increase the value of the house and its potential for a quick sale sometime in the future.

To keep costs as low as possible, the homeowner will want to have the new bathroom opposite the existing one so the rooms can share plumbing. This generally isn’t a problem with mobile homes, since the structures have a ranch style floor plan. When there is one bathroom, it usually is situated toward one end of the structure. The remodeling contractor can add another bathroom there along with a bedroom.

The property owner may even want to have both of these additions constructed to make the mobile home feel substantially more like a frame-built house. These types of improvements go a long way toward increasing satisfaction with a place that once functioned only as a weekend or vacation retreat.

Many of the false-faced items in homes today have laminate surfaces that look, feel, and last just as long as genuine aesthetic-enhancing materials. By far, the majority of new customized counter tops are covered with an exceptionally durable laminate preferred by homeowners for variety, and contractors for easy installation. This material is made from a specialized polymer made of phenolic sheets.

Using paper, fiber, stone particles, and other materials, a synthetic compound is formed. This is what consumers see gigantic rolls of in flooring and interior design stores. These sheets are able to be fitted tightly around complex counter top angles, yet can be shaved easily to fit around fixtures and vents.

Lower Costs

Phenolic laminates are mass-produced and are much cheaper than natural materials. The synthetics in them however, provide long life and other benefits like cleanability and ding/dent resistance. They are a common sense choice for making apartment units and starter homes look as though they belong to a much more sophisticated category of living areas.

Laminate Choices Are Endless

Phenol-based surfaces are made in as many designs and finishes as a homeowner’s imagination will allow. Combined with an attractive price tag for large amounts, laminates are a dream-come-true for contractors and interior designers to work with.

Phenolic laminate surfaces are a smart step in planning a home design. It is one material built for long life, and is easy to work with when installing and changing.

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Making a presentation before a board, group of people or a specific individual can seem quite basic. After all, people have been making presentations since they were in elementary school. However, making presentations that matter can be greatly enhanced when getting assistance from a professional company or individual.

Some presentations that use PowerPoint are very boring. The presenter may sound interesting and have beneficial information to share. At the same time, people may become distracted or uninterested because of what they see on a screen. The visuals may be quite dull. Not only that, but also the graphics and overall look may be stuck in the 1990’s. A presenter may understand that there is a problem but is unable to know how to address it. Fortunately, people can contact a company that specializes in this type of work, such as Graphics can be enhanced to give viewers a modern look at facts and available information. A presenter will feel more confidence since the information is being shown in a wonderful way.

The bottom line is that presentations that use PowerPoint matter greatly. Companies and individuals are available to provide valuable assistance that will please audiences and make a presentation more enjoyable to everyone. Prices for such services may be less expensive that what many assume. Even if the presentation looks fantastic, a professional can give helpful hints to sharpen it even more. The result is that the presentation has the impact that is desired.

bright smile dentalWhen was the last time you had your teeth cleaned? If it has been more than six months, it is past time to make an appointment with Bright Smile Dental. Getting your teeth cleaned is more than just for looks. It is during the cleaning appointment that the dentist takes x-rays, and takes a look in your mouth, to determine if you have any cavities that need filling. You can also talk about Dublin Teeth Whitening if you want your smile to be extra bright.

If you are like me and are a chicken when it comes to going to the dentist, then you will be glad to know that Dr.’s Cheung of Bright Smile Powell Dentistry is trained and licensed to be able to provide general anesthesia, so that their patients will be completely asleep during procedures.

The doctors can administer several different types of anesthesia, depending on your needs and your level of fear and or discomfort. The dental anesthesiologists can offer you oral, intravenous, or general anesthesia either by IV or inhaled as gas. Using general anesthesia will assure that you will be completely asleep, will feel no pain, and will not remember the procedure once you wake up. That is the kind of dental appointment that I like to have, and that is what you will find at Bright Smile Dental.

Bright Smile Dental offers many dental services, cleaning, fillings, crowns, dentures, and bridges. As a family dental practice, they offer dental services to people of all ages. It is suggested that a child’s first visit to a dentist take place at the age of 3. Here is what you can expect during the child’s first visit:

  • A warm, welcoming environment supported by a friendly staff
  • The individualized treatment a child requires based on their physical and emotional developmental needs
  • A state of the art X-ray machine equipped to make the experience easier for children
  • Special tools to fit smaller mouths
  • Clear education and support on preventative care to guide you through your child’s dental development

Bright Smile Dental offers family dentistry, Dublin Teeth Whitening, emergency dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery. They have hours six days a week, Monday thru Saturday. They accept most major credit cards and Paypal payments. Call today to make your appointment:  614-706-1836.

Adding a great wallcovering to a room is a quick and easy way to give the room a fresh, new look. There are thousands of colors, textures and patterns to choose from, so you’ll want to narrow down your options. Here are some design tips to help you make the right choice.

Large Patterns – Unless you have a large room with high ceilings, a large pattern should be used on an accent wall instead of all four walls. Although large florals, stripes and plaids can make a stunning statement, they can be overwhelming in a small room. When used on an accent wall, the pattern will create a focal point for the entire room.

Heavy Textures – Wallcoverings come in a variety of beautiful textures that mimic wood, stone, brick, tile, metal and mirror. Heavy textures, like large patterns, create a lot of movement and energy in a room. Although they create visual interest, too much in one room will create nervous energy rather than stimulating design interest.

Small Patterns – Small patterns are easy to use in any size room. In a small room, covering all four walls will create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. If the pattern has bold colors, strong shapes or a reflective background, try using it on the ceiling for dramatic appeal. Repeat the pattern in upholstery, throw pillows or accents for added interest.

Solid Colors – In modern spaces where you don’t want much pattern, go for a solid color when painting and wallcovering. Soft, subtle colors like cream, taupe and gray will add a touch of elegance and sophistication. For drama and strong color, choose bold, bright colors like yellow, lime, orange, red and purple to create focal points and visual impact.

March Madness vs. NBA Finals Infographic

When I lived in my old house, we were in an ideal place for severe weather. It seemed like every spring and summer, we were in the line of a severe weather outbreak. As a matter of fact, I had to have the roof on that house repaired 4 times in the sixteen years that I lived there, because it was blown off due to high winds and tornadic activity in the area.

During the time that I lived in that house, I kept a severe weather basket prepared in the downstairs closet under the stairs. It seemed like the safest place to be in the event of a terrible storm. That closet was big enough for me and my children to all get inside, and wait out the weather. I had a basket in there that had blankets, a change of clothes for each of us, flashlights, extra batteries, and some cash, along with some snacks and bottles of water. While I never had to actually use those emergency supplies, I felt like I was well prepared if a tornado blew our house away. Just the action of preparing for severe storms made me feel better.

While you won’t ever be able to know exactly when a storm will happen, State Farm® wants you to be prepared and quickly recover from the unexpected. The steps you take today to prepare for a disaster may help you survive a storm whenever it may happen. State Farm®, the largest property insurer in the nation,has been helping families manage the risks of everyday life since 1922.

Embrace Home Loans has representatives with a lot of knowledge of unconventional and FHA loans. In fact, they’re used to dealing with a lot of FHA loans, and are very familiar with the requirement of this type of loan financing.

FHA loans are government-backed mortgages designed to help first-time home buyers. There are several different programs available, and determining who qualifies for what program can be a challenge. Determination of eligibility can depend on fha home loan credit score requirements, income, and in some cases the area the home is located in and the amount of time the home owner is willing to own the home. Many times a potential buyer will choose to look at different types of homes or change the conditions of a sale in order to qualify for the right program.

After it’s determined what loans the buyer will qualify for, the next step is to figure out which one is right for the buyer. Different loans can vary in terms and conditions including closing costs, interest rate, and payment terms. Fortunately, Embrace Home Loans deals with thousands of these loans, and is able to help a buyer figure out which loan is right for him or her.

Residential lighting with lamps and fixtures has given rooms practical and aesthetic illumination for years. In a typical situation, a light provides a radiance, while a designed shade renders the light in soft tones or directs it to something of interest. You can direct light to bounce off a ceiling above the cabinets in a kitchen, and aim it down toward the counters below cabinets. You can display an architectural feature or sculpture of interest with the right shade design.


As consumers demand more of their lighting plans, manufacturers and retailers put together packages for rooms, making their function all the more important. As a result, you can buy a complete lighting package for your dining room or living room or lights designed specifically for hallways and foyers. A lamp and ceiling fan combination may prove to be the perfect fixture in a home office, so packages dedicated to that use include the ceiling fan.

Consumers who appreciate high quality interior lighting can shop for beautiful, brand name table or floor lamps to place them anywhere they want. Freestanding lamps can do the illumination tasks of any light fixtures and give homeowners the flexibility to move furnishings or items of interest around. By using floor lamps from Crescent Moon Modern Lighting, homeowners can experience a designed floor lamp with practical applications, like providing light to read the newspaper or the illumination to do the household budget.