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Category Archives: Other Products

If you are like me, then you have a style of furniture that you like, and tend to collect. I shopped at a lot of antique and thrift stores, and estate sales, looking for just the right piece to put in a particular spot in your home. For instance, in my dining room, I have an antique chine cabinet that combines different woods in a sort of mosaic pattern. It has tall curved legs somewhat like a highboy dresser would have, and scrolled cutouts on the top. It does not match the dining table, which is a dark cherry finish. The pieces do complement each other and give my kitchen a unique, homey look.


Some people look for replica furniture, that is, the pieces are new, but are made to look like a certain style from the past. It may be early american, Victorian, or French Provincial in style.

There are many reasons why someone may opt for a replica piece, rather than an antique or “original” French Provincial piece of furniture. The most often given reason is that the replica is less expensive, therefore more affordable, than the original. No matter what style you choose, making wise purchases can make your home a comfortable retreat from the world.

T-shirts are some of the most fashionable items of clothing, but they can be expensive depending on where you buy them. Fortunately, you can create your own with silk screening technology. All you need is a comfortable t-shirt, a great idea, and a printer.

Once you know what you want to design, you can follow simple steps to transfer the image to your t-shirt. Some people do this simply for fun, while others are starting t-shirt design businesses off of their ideas. The sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless when it comes to t-shirt creation. You will no longer feel like you cannot afford the latest fashions or like you cannot find anything to wear. Instead, you can create pieces of clothing that are unique to your style and personality.

This is a wonderful way to express yourself without being overly vocal, and it is often fun too. Explore the possibilities out there and use your imagination to create designs that are original. Soon, people might stop you on the street wondering where you found your shirt. You will be able to tell them you made it. This will give you personal satisfaction and a feeling of self worth.

If you have never silk-screened a t-shirt before, check out the infographic below for more information on the process. These simple steps can help anyone create a t-shirt that they love without spending a fortune.

Screen Printing Instructions Infographic

Infographic courtesy of


Whether you solder in your business or you are a hobbyist, the need for proper soldering irons is critical. If you use one that does not have enough power for the particular job at hand, you can end up with a cold solder joint. On the other hand, if the iron has too much wattage, you can easily damage the connection you are attempting to solder. The solution is having the right tool for the right job. You may only need one iron, but having the right one is critical. It may also be a situation where you need more than one iron for the work you are doing.

Another issue is having the right soldering tips for the job you are doing. Sometimes you will need a flat tip, and at other times a pointed tip. It is dependent upon the job you are doing. Other accessories are equally important. The need for holders for the irons is mandatory. This, along with things such as solder wick and various types of solder are all a part of doing a quality job.

The problem is trying to obtain a wide variety of irons and supplies necessary for the work at hand. The biggest problem is with the irons. Often a local electronics supply house will have one or two to choose from, but this is no choice at all. Your best option is to buy online from a company that has a wide range of makes and models. One example of this type of company can be found with Stellar Technical.

When looking at home alarm monitoring, it is important to note that all systems are different, working in slightly different ways. Of course, the main goal of any alarm system is the same: As long as it is armed, it detects when someone breaks into the home, alerts the alarm monitoring company, and prompts that company to call the authorities. The police then respond to the call, hoping to get to your house before the intruders have left, thereby protecting your home even when you are not there to watch over it on your own. The ways that the systems detect intruders, though, is how they differ.

The first piece of equipment that almost all systems will have is a sensor on the front door. Similar sensors will be located on the back door and any additional entrances. One piece goes on the frame and the other piece goes on the door itself. If the door swings open for any reason – even if you simply use the key to open it – that sets off the alarm when the pieces move apart from each other. There is usually a slight delay for you to type in the code if it really is you, and then the alarm is triggered.

Similar sensors are often used on windows. If the windows are forced open, or if they are accidentally left unlocked and they are just slid up or out to open them, the sensors will go off. There might be a delay on these, as well, but there often is not. The idea here is that you have to come in through the door to get into your house, which is where the alarm box is, but you are never going to come in through the window. Even if you did, you’d never get to the keypad in time. The system assumes that anyone coming in that way is an intruder.

However, the problem here is that the windows could be broken, meaning that people could get in without moving the sensor. This is where some systems differ, using motion sensors inside the rooms – you just mount them on the wall, with a full view of the room – to detect people walking around in the house. It doesn’t matter how they got in; it just detects them no matter where they are. These work like the sensors for a motion-activated light.

Whether you are a business owner, a homeowner or a renter, you have to deal with unwanted smells from time to time. In some cases, smells from smoke and pets can linger for years after they’ve been deposited. In very extreme cases, you may find that you’re never rid of these smells no matter how long you own the property. In cases where odors can cause a serious problem for the property owner, using anti-odor technology can be a smart move. Thankfully, there are a number of unique and useful products available that can eliminate odors very successfully.


Keeping your property odor-free is not as difficult as it used to be. Technologies exist that can use ozone to attack odor-causing particulates in the air. Long-chain fluorocarbons can be difficult for many commercial air fresheners or “odor killers” to get rid of. Using the natural chemistry of ozone to your advantage can be a great and passive way to eliminate unwanted odors from your property. It’s also a very safe way to keep your property free of any major odors. Since no dangerous chemicals are being spewed into the air, these technological odor eliminators are a great way to keep any property smelling fresh.

There are a lot of new and exciting ways for property owners to eliminate odors from nearly any surface. Thankfully, the science and technology behind these new innovations is only going to get more advanced as these options become more widely accepted by property owners around the world.

Homeowners who want to install outdoor lighting in their yards will appreciate being able to find a variety of outdoor lights offered by one company. The website for one of the companies that offers a variety of lights is

001 outdoor lighting

Professional lighting designers are available to help homeowners decide what type of lighting they want and where to place it. Homeowners can have lights installed in gardens, in pool areas and on decks.

Garden lights allow people to enjoy fresh air after dark. Lights installed in a garden will prevent people from tripping in a dark yard. Children will not have to stop playing in the backyard when it gets dark. These lights are available with LED and halogen bulbs. The bulbs emit a low light that will not harm plants.

Lights in a pool area allow a pool party to continue after the sun sets. Party hosts and guests will feel safe being in and around the pool after nightfall. Lights in a pool allow parents to keep an eye on their children while they are swimming. A lighted pool deck will keep people from tripping over sandals and pool toys.

Deck and patio lights allow people to sit outside and enjoy the evening air. Outside parties do not have to end when the sun goes down.

The company offers a year of free maintenance when outdoor lights are installed. The plan includes replacing bulbs, inspecting transformers, fixing damaged wires and straightening fixtures.

Special lighting for holidays is available. The company will put up a holiday lighting display, take it down and store it. Lighting designers will work with customers to create these displays. Holiday lighting displays are available for Christmas, Halloween, Easter and the Fourth of July. This lighting is available for residential and commercial customers. Lighting designers can help commercial customers choose a holiday lighting display that will make their business stand out.

Area lighting is available for commercial properties such as shopping centers, business parks and gas stations. Lighting designers will work with the business owners to make sure that the lighting is functional and attractive.


An individual who owns a lawn care service needs all of his or her equipment working in the proper manner. If a riding lawn mower breaks down, it needs to be repaired right away so the owner can continue to serve all of his or her customers. This is why many owners of lawn care businesses shop online for mower parts. In many cases, they can get the parts they need in a reasonable amount of time. Check out some other reasons why many people who own lawn care businesses shop online for parts when one of their mowers needs repair work.

When shopping online an individual can find the exact part he or she is looking for. Shoppers can find the part that works with the model of lawn mower they own. This is important because getting the wrong part results in further delays and even lost profits! An online store has all of the information about a part that an individual needs to know in order to make a successful repair.

Finally, when the owner of a lawn care business gets a part at a traditional store, he or she must drive to the store to pick up the part. This takes up more time and gas money as well. Alternatively, an online store sends the part to the customer saving him or her the trouble of traveling to get it. An owner’s time is valuable and shopping at an online store saves that time for more important activities.

I couldn’t believe all the cute Halloween stuff I found at World Market! Just look at this:

Black Cat Halloween Felt Container

Cute cute cute!

Or this take out box for treats for special goblins:

Mini Orange Halloween Takeout Box

Our exclusive Mini Orange Halloween Takeout Box is perfect for holding wrapped treats, … [More]

Price: 11.88
Sale: 11.88
Decorate with these cute felt stickers:

Halloween Characters Felt Stickers, 12-Pack

Use our Halloween Characters Felt Stickers to add the perfect crafty touch to your deco… [More]

Price: 3.99
Sale: 3.99
You can find these and so much more at World Market.
Pallet Scales

Pallet Scales

Floor Scales Direct provides a number of high-quality products that are beneficial for farmers and those who raise livestock. There are also a variety of scales available on the company website that help builders to build decks and install flooring that is completely even. Pallet scales are often necessary to complete jobs like this, and a pallet scale from can be a beneficial addition to factories, farms and building sites.
Pallet jacks and forklift scales available on the website are equipped with a number of characteristics that make the devices easy to use. The scales are very simple to set up and are made from heavy-duty steel. The devices don’t take up a tremendous amount of electrical power, and have an automatic shut-off feature to further conserve energy. The pallet scales also provide both net and gross weighing.

The Ravas 110 Pallet Jack Scale from Floor Scales features an LED display that is easy to read, along with a four-button operating system. The scale requires 4 AA batteries, which allows the device to run for a full year at 5 weighings each day. also offers the 310 Pallet Jack Scale from Ravas is another reliable product that is also easy to set up. The scale has steering and loading wheels that are made from polyurethane and comes with a rechargeable battery pack and charger. Users will also receive a low battery warning from the device, which makes for more efficient use. Overload protection is also built into the scale, which can prevent the device from malfunctioning. Like the 110 model, there is an LED display on this pallet scale as well; however, this device operates with a 5-button system.

Customers who order pallet scales from Floor Scales Direct can do so securely, so patrons will not have to worry about their financial information being shared with a third party. Purchases can be made on the Floor Scales Direct website or over the phone at the company’s toll free number. Those who are ordering from the site for the first time can also refer to the Floor Scales Direct FAQ section to get detailed product and service information.

Add the fun of zombies to your yard for the Halloween Season! Plant these stakes near your walk way and watch the trick or treaters as they scream in fear! What fun yard decorations!