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Category Archives: Apparel

T-shirts are some of the most fashionable items of clothing, but they can be expensive depending on where you buy them. Fortunately, you can create your own with silk screening technology. All you need is a comfortable t-shirt, a great idea, and a printer.

Once you know what you want to design, you can follow simple steps to transfer the image to your t-shirt. Some people do this simply for fun, while others are starting t-shirt design businesses off of their ideas. The sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless when it comes to t-shirt creation. You will no longer feel like you cannot afford the latest fashions or like you cannot find anything to wear. Instead, you can create pieces of clothing that are unique to your style and personality.

This is a wonderful way to express yourself without being overly vocal, and it is often fun too. Explore the possibilities out there and use your imagination to create designs that are original. Soon, people might stop you on the street wondering where you found your shirt. You will be able to tell them you made it. This will give you personal satisfaction and a feeling of self worth.

If you have never silk-screened a t-shirt before, check out the infographic below for more information on the process. These simple steps can help anyone create a t-shirt that they love without spending a fortune.

Screen Printing Instructions Infographic

Infographic courtesy of


No man wants to go out looking like a bum or a cheapskate. The right jacket says that a man has the energy and charisma to go out for dinner and dancing with his woman or hit the sports bar with his friends. Whatever he is in the mood for, the right jacket will keep him looking his best wherever he goes.

McGyver jackets for men at are the perfect way to show off to friends and family members alike. It will make any man feel as if he can fix the sink, repair his car and mow the lawn with nothing more than everyday household tools.

When a man feels his best, he is apt to do his best work. His confidence levels are going to shoot through the roof and his energy levels are going to be high as well. As men age, it can be difficult to want to socialize and stay active. A good looking jacket or two can change that in a heartbeat.

Ordering jackets from our site is easy and painless. All you need is a credit or debit card to get started. If you have any questions about your order, you can talk to a customer service representative at any time.

carhart mens big and tall shirtMy husband is a big guy. Even  before he gained a few pounds as he aged, he was a big, tall man. It has been a challenge over the last twenty years to find shirts that fit him, with sleeves long enough for his arms, that also look stylish. The high visibility clothing  available onG&L Clothings website fits all those requirements.

The company has been in business for 95 years, and is located in Des Moines, Iowa. They sell clothing for the entire family, as well as accessories, shoes, and boots. They carry many well known brands, such as Carhartt, Wrangler, Dickies, and more. It didn’t take long for me to find two shirts for Fabgrandpa that he really loved.

wranglerAnd take a look at these sandals. They look comfy and cool. I love them and want for me!

1008419G&L Clothing also carries great brand names in shoes and boots for men: Carhartt, Keen, Timberland, and Georgia in sizes up to 14 wide. The website is set up so that you can for items by gender, by brand, or by price. They also have a Sale tab, so that you can see everything that is on sale at the moment. From their website:

G&L Clothing is committed to giving you the best price and service possible on every order you place. At G&L Clothing we know that work clothing is not a luxury but a necessity. Sometimes you need to purchase new workwear even if it doesn’t fit into the budget. Our goal is to offer you a great selection of discounted safety gear, footwear and work wear that you absolutely must have, when you must have it. Browse out selection of discounted clothing below and be sure to check back for changes, or join our email list to stay up to date on current promotions. Keep in mind that some of the items listed below are discontinued and therefore stock may be limited. If you have any questions regarding specific size and color availability please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have a fussy man in your life, who wants to be stylish as well as comfortable, you won’t go wrong with G&L Clothing.

I received a pair of these shoes to review, and I have to say, they are  really comfortable, well made shoes. They feel like they were made for MY feet.

My new kicks

All of Jambu’s All Terra styles have a partially recycled rubber outsole for superior grip, and memory foam insoles to provide maximum comfort. I know my feet feet like they were walking on clouds all day long when I wear them.

Himalaya by Jambu has a feminine look without being too "girlie"

Jambu shoes are designed by women for women, so while they are sporty and athletic looking, they also have feminine touches, like that floral heel you see on these Himalya’s.

The Himalaya has a very comfortable memory foam insole

Jambu  shoe collections include sytles like Sporty Wedges, Metro, All Terra, Bare Feet, and All Vegan.  They also have Children’s shoes. All their shoes come in 100% recycled and recyclable and re-usable packaging.

The Himalaya details

The Himalay’s shown in these pictures  have a suggested retail price of about $99. To find stores in your area, check out the Where To Buy page on Jambu’s website.  You can buy them at

The Himalaya shoes look good on my feet!