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When looking at home alarm monitoring, it is important to note that all systems are different, working in slightly different ways. Of course, the main goal of any alarm system is the same: As long as it is armed, it detects when someone breaks into the home, alerts the alarm monitoring company, and prompts that company to call the authorities. The police then respond to the call, hoping to get to your house before the intruders have left, thereby protecting your home even when you are not there to watch over it on your own. The ways that the systems detect intruders, though, is how they differ.

The first piece of equipment that almost all systems will have is a sensor on the front door. Similar sensors will be located on the back door and any additional entrances. One piece goes on the frame and the other piece goes on the door itself. If the door swings open for any reason – even if you simply use the key to open it – that sets off the alarm when the pieces move apart from each other. There is usually a slight delay for you to type in the code if it really is you, and then the alarm is triggered.

Similar sensors are often used on windows. If the windows are forced open, or if they are accidentally left unlocked and they are just slid up or out to open them, the sensors will go off. There might be a delay on these, as well, but there often is not. The idea here is that you have to come in through the door to get into your house, which is where the alarm box is, but you are never going to come in through the window. Even if you did, you’d never get to the keypad in time. The system assumes that anyone coming in that way is an intruder.

However, the problem here is that the windows could be broken, meaning that people could get in without moving the sensor. This is where some systems differ, using motion sensors inside the rooms – you just mount them on the wall, with a full view of the room – to detect people walking around in the house. It doesn’t matter how they got in; it just detects them no matter where they are. These work like the sensors for a motion-activated light.

March Madness vs. NBA Finals Infographic

This post brought to you by American Kennel Club. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you are thinking of buying or adopting a purebred fur baby, the American Kennel Club can help you with lots of information. From picking breeds to picking a breeder, the AKC can help you make decisions before you take your puppy home to stay.

The American Kennel Club  is 130 years old this year. They are committed to advancing the understanding, benefits and care of all dogs, as well as promoting responsible dog ownership.

The first step in choosing a dog to become a part of your family is to decide what you are looking for in a dog. Do you want an even tempered dog that will play with your children? Or do you need a dog that is bred to protect you? These can be some very different dogs, and if you don’t take the time to get the right dog, then you may regret it. Chooing the right dog reduces the chances that your pet will be one that you want surrender to a shelter. Be a responsible pet owner and pick the right pet.

Working with responsible breeders is a very good way for you to find your perfect pet – they are passionate about their breed, experts on the lineage and health of their puppies. They can be a resource for information about your pet for life.

While I do not have a dog now, nor do I want to get one in the future, my daughter is a dog lover, and has fostered many puppies from the shelter in her area. She adopted her own puppy from the same shelter, and has learned a lot about dog ownership, different breeds, and gotten information on what to ask before adopting a pet from the American Kennel Club.

Here are the most important questions to ask when adopting a puppy from an AKC Rescue Network, from the American Kennel Club website:

  • Why is this dog in a shelter? Was he surrendered by the previous owner, is it a stray, or a rescue? Why did the owner surrender him? If he was a stray, where was he found and in what condition? Is the dog from the local area? Is the dog here because of an animal cruelty charge against its previous owner?
  • What was the health condition of the dog when he was brought to the shelter?
  • Has this dog been adopted out before? How long has the dog been in the shelter?
  • What veterinary care has the dog received since arriving at the shelter and can you provide copies of the records?
  • Is the dog housebroken?
  • Does the dog get along well with kids or other pets and how does he act around strangers?
  • Does the dog have suitable good manners that I could take away his food bowl while eating or remove his toy while playing? What training and socialization has the dog received since entering the shelter?
  • Can he walk calmly on a leash in public or does he need more training? Click HERE to find a training club in your area.
  • Does this dog require any special medical care, ongoing treatment, dietary restrictions, or additional socialization?
  • Will the shelter take this dog back if it doesn’t work out with my family?

Asking questions, knowing the breed and the breeder, and knowing the history of a puppy you are considering adopting from a shelter will help you choose the right pet, and be sure you can keep it in your home forever. breeds



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When I lived in my old house, we were in an ideal place for severe weather. It seemed like every spring and summer, we were in the line of a severe weather outbreak. As a matter of fact, I had to have the roof on that house repaired 4 times in the sixteen years that I lived there, because it was blown off due to high winds and tornadic activity in the area.

During the time that I lived in that house, I kept a severe weather basket prepared in the downstairs closet under the stairs. It seemed like the safest place to be in the event of a terrible storm. That closet was big enough for me and my children to all get inside, and wait out the weather. I had a basket in there that had blankets, a change of clothes for each of us, flashlights, extra batteries, and some cash, along with some snacks and bottles of water. While I never had to actually use those emergency supplies, I felt like I was well prepared if a tornado blew our house away. Just the action of preparing for severe storms made me feel better.

While you won’t ever be able to know exactly when a storm will happen, State Farm® wants you to be prepared and quickly recover from the unexpected. The steps you take today to prepare for a disaster may help you survive a storm whenever it may happen. State Farm®, the largest property insurer in the nation,has been helping families manage the risks of everyday life since 1922.

Embrace Home Loans has representatives with a lot of knowledge of unconventional and FHA loans. In fact, they’re used to dealing with a lot of FHA loans, and are very familiar with the requirement of this type of loan financing.

FHA loans are government-backed mortgages designed to help first-time home buyers. There are several different programs available, and determining who qualifies for what program can be a challenge. Determination of eligibility can depend on fha home loan credit score requirements, income, and in some cases the area the home is located in and the amount of time the home owner is willing to own the home. Many times a potential buyer will choose to look at different types of homes or change the conditions of a sale in order to qualify for the right program.

After it’s determined what loans the buyer will qualify for, the next step is to figure out which one is right for the buyer. Different loans can vary in terms and conditions including closing costs, interest rate, and payment terms. Fortunately, Embrace Home Loans deals with thousands of these loans, and is able to help a buyer figure out which loan is right for him or her.

Residential lighting with lamps and fixtures has given rooms practical and aesthetic illumination for years. In a typical situation, a light provides a radiance, while a designed shade renders the light in soft tones or directs it to something of interest. You can direct light to bounce off a ceiling above the cabinets in a kitchen, and aim it down toward the counters below cabinets. You can display an architectural feature or sculpture of interest with the right shade design.


As consumers demand more of their lighting plans, manufacturers and retailers put together packages for rooms, making their function all the more important. As a result, you can buy a complete lighting package for your dining room or living room or lights designed specifically for hallways and foyers. A lamp and ceiling fan combination may prove to be the perfect fixture in a home office, so packages dedicated to that use include the ceiling fan.

Consumers who appreciate high quality interior lighting can shop for beautiful, brand name table or floor lamps to place them anywhere they want. Freestanding lamps can do the illumination tasks of any light fixtures and give homeowners the flexibility to move furnishings or items of interest around. By using floor lamps from Crescent Moon Modern Lighting, homeowners can experience a designed floor lamp with practical applications, like providing light to read the newspaper or the illumination to do the household budget.

Whether you are a business owner, a homeowner or a renter, you have to deal with unwanted smells from time to time. In some cases, smells from smoke and pets can linger for years after they’ve been deposited. In very extreme cases, you may find that you’re never rid of these smells no matter how long you own the property. In cases where odors can cause a serious problem for the property owner, using anti-odor technology can be a smart move. Thankfully, there are a number of unique and useful products available that can eliminate odors very successfully.


Keeping your property odor-free is not as difficult as it used to be. Technologies exist that can use ozone to attack odor-causing particulates in the air. Long-chain fluorocarbons can be difficult for many commercial air fresheners or “odor killers” to get rid of. Using the natural chemistry of ozone to your advantage can be a great and passive way to eliminate unwanted odors from your property. It’s also a very safe way to keep your property free of any major odors. Since no dangerous chemicals are being spewed into the air, these technological odor eliminators are a great way to keep any property smelling fresh.

There are a lot of new and exciting ways for property owners to eliminate odors from nearly any surface. Thankfully, the science and technology behind these new innovations is only going to get more advanced as these options become more widely accepted by property owners around the world.

Homeowners who want to install outdoor lighting in their yards will appreciate being able to find a variety of outdoor lights offered by one company. The website for one of the companies that offers a variety of lights is

001 outdoor lighting

Professional lighting designers are available to help homeowners decide what type of lighting they want and where to place it. Homeowners can have lights installed in gardens, in pool areas and on decks.

Garden lights allow people to enjoy fresh air after dark. Lights installed in a garden will prevent people from tripping in a dark yard. Children will not have to stop playing in the backyard when it gets dark. These lights are available with LED and halogen bulbs. The bulbs emit a low light that will not harm plants.

Lights in a pool area allow a pool party to continue after the sun sets. Party hosts and guests will feel safe being in and around the pool after nightfall. Lights in a pool allow parents to keep an eye on their children while they are swimming. A lighted pool deck will keep people from tripping over sandals and pool toys.

Deck and patio lights allow people to sit outside and enjoy the evening air. Outside parties do not have to end when the sun goes down.

The company offers a year of free maintenance when outdoor lights are installed. The plan includes replacing bulbs, inspecting transformers, fixing damaged wires and straightening fixtures.

Special lighting for holidays is available. The company will put up a holiday lighting display, take it down and store it. Lighting designers will work with customers to create these displays. Holiday lighting displays are available for Christmas, Halloween, Easter and the Fourth of July. This lighting is available for residential and commercial customers. Lighting designers can help commercial customers choose a holiday lighting display that will make their business stand out.

Area lighting is available for commercial properties such as shopping centers, business parks and gas stations. Lighting designers will work with the business owners to make sure that the lighting is functional and attractive.

This post was sponsored by USG
USG Corporation has annouced their partnership with the USA Olympic and Paralympic Teams, and the Canadian Olympic Team. USG along with their Canadian subsidary CGC, are now the official building materials sponsors of these Olympic Teams.

The four year sponsorship will provide building materials for the teams. Materials, expertise, and financial aid will help provide improvements to the facilities at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  This work will have a direct and meaningful impact for the athletes who live and train there.

Marcel Aubut, the president of the Canadian Olympic Committee,  said they know it takes a village to raise a champion. The partnership with USG/CSC will continue to foster development of athletes and coaches. The entire Canadian Olympic family thanks USG for their support.

Several elite United States athletes are expected to compete in the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. USG, CGC, and L&W Supply are proud to sponsor them. The athletes include:

  • Alana Nichols (Alpine Skiing and Wheelchair Basketball)
  • Billy Demong, three time U.S. Paralympian and five time Paralympic medalist (Nordic Combined)
  • Monique Laoureaux, four time U.S. Olympian and two time Olympic medalist (Ice Hockey)
  • Joycelyn Lamoureaux, Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games silver medalist (Ice Hockey)
  • Rico Roman, Sochi 2014 Paralympic hopeful (Sled Hockey)
  • Seth Wescott, two time U.S. Olympian and two time Olympic gold medalist (Snowboard Cross)



An individual who owns a lawn care service needs all of his or her equipment working in the proper manner. If a riding lawn mower breaks down, it needs to be repaired right away so the owner can continue to serve all of his or her customers. This is why many owners of lawn care businesses shop online for mower parts. In many cases, they can get the parts they need in a reasonable amount of time. Check out some other reasons why many people who own lawn care businesses shop online for parts when one of their mowers needs repair work.

When shopping online an individual can find the exact part he or she is looking for. Shoppers can find the part that works with the model of lawn mower they own. This is important because getting the wrong part results in further delays and even lost profits! An online store has all of the information about a part that an individual needs to know in order to make a successful repair.

Finally, when the owner of a lawn care business gets a part at a traditional store, he or she must drive to the store to pick up the part. This takes up more time and gas money as well. Alternatively, an online store sends the part to the customer saving him or her the trouble of traveling to get it. An owner’s time is valuable and shopping at an online store saves that time for more important activities.